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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 9:08 pm

I'm as Indian today, as you are! - Sunny Leone

I'm as Indian today, as you are! - Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone, transformed from a porn star to a most sought after seductress on sliver screen in India. Even though she belonged to Indian ethnicity, her family settled in Canada and the actress chose adult industry as means of a career to go with her love for camera.

"During my entry into India as an actress, I still remember the agitation and indifference towards me shown by many. I was hurt during the time for few harsh comments but decided to stay on and power through the things", said Sunny.

She continued, " Today, I understand how wrong it is for Indian women and community to choose a career in adult industry and even though I don't regret my choice I definitely understand the indifference I faced in the beginning. Even my husband started getting used to things here and I can say, I'm as Indian as you are!"

When quizzed about her roles in few of the adult oriented sex comedies, Sunny quipped, " There is a censor to keep us in our limits."

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