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I salute to her fans: RGV!

I salute to her fans: RGV!
Ram Gopal Verma, the maverick director has managed to remain in the news just with his comments on current topics even though people have mostly given up on his movies. His comments on any news item has been sensational and the director's views have been adhered by his fans and social media with keen interest.

Recently, Sunny Leone has gone to Kochi, Kerala for a mobile shop opening and people have surrounded her car like a river. The photo showing the amount of crowds that mobbed around that she could not even move an inch from her place, has been going viral and Verma who doesn't miss an opportunity to share his wisdom commented on this photo too. He said, many heroes would be jealous looking at her popularity as even the Megastars like Mohan Lal, can't commend such adoration from public. He also said that he will salute to all of them for showering so much love on her.

Even Sunny Leone was found loss for words looking at so many people who have come just to get one glimpse of her. She thanked all of them and said it is an amazing and humbling experience. She posted the photo on social networking and thanked them from bottom of heart and expressed her surprise over the fan adoration that Kerala Youth as shown towards her!

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