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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

I Too Don’t Know Who My Mother Was: Adivi Sesh

I Too Don’t Know Who My Mother Was: Adivi Sesh
Once ‘Baahubali 2’ hit the big screens, audiences are haunted by a doubt who could be Bhalladeva’s wife? Why was there no mention of her in the two parts? How was Bhadra born if Rana (Bhallaladeva) remained unmarried?

When asked the same question in a recent interview, Adivi Sesh who played Bhadra’s role in ‘Baahubali, The Beginning’ said that he didn’t get the doubt when Rajamoui narrated the story and that’s why he didn’t ask the director. There might be some back story for the character which need not be told on the screen.

The young actor guesses that Bhadra might be a child who was born to some random lady. Bhallaladeva was bad, anyway and he could have taken any random lady to quench his desire and Bhadra came as the outcome of such a desire. What a guess!

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