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I've learned A Lot From Failures: Naga Chaitanya

I've learned A Lot From Failures: Naga Chaitanya
We can say that Akkineni Naga Chaitanya is in the best phase of his career.  He is increasing the success range with movie to movie.. and he is slowly inching towards star status, which has been eluding him for long.  In fact Chaitu never appears to have cared much about star status.  Chaitu is getting ready for the  release of 'Yuddham Sharanam' now.  

He said that "As the title suggests it's an action film. I'm playing the role of a college dropout.  This is the most youthful film I've done in my career till now.  The script is prepared in such a way that youngsters will definitely like it. We have re-worked on it as well. The target is to impress youth.  My uncle Venkatesh recommended the script to me. We have taken several opinions before making the film."

He also said that his father Nagarjuna's help will always be there in the story selection.  He has also responded on his films continuosly succeeding at the box office.  He said "I understood which subjects suit me.. which subjects don't.  One has face failures to grow in life.  I have learned a lot from them."  He said that he will try his luck in Tamil next year.  He said he doesn't have any idea to enter Hindi.. but he opined that new markets opened for Telugu cinema after 'Baahubali'.

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