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I Will Make A Love Story With Mahesh

I Will Make A Love Story With Mahesh
It has been long time Telugu audience heard the name of Jayanth C. Paranji.  He has directed super hit films like Venky's 'Preminchukundam Ra', Chiranjeevi starrer 'Bavagaru Bagunnara'.  Jayanth has directed 'Eeswar', the debut film of Prabhas.  He came across flops like 'Allari Pidugu'.. 'Teenmaar' later.  He is coming up with 'Jayadev' introducing Ganta Ravi as the hero.  It is known that Ravi is the son of AP minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao.

Jayanth has recently made sensational comments that "One will get opportunitiy here if he is in success.  I don't have success.. that's why I have no offers".  He is saying that gap in his career has taught him many lessons.  He said that "I have analysed my mistakes.. I understood what went wrong.   I'm taking precautions not to repeat them.  I choose hero based on the story. It is not possible to make a film with few commercial elements like before.  Situation has been changed now. Even though we have a big hero, we need a good story.  Even newcomers also require good story.  If there is a star hero I will make a movie based on the expectations of the fans".

"If I wish to make a film with the top heroes at present..I will make a love story with Mahesh Babu.  I was the director cum producer for 'Takkari Donga'.  I didn't give even a single rupee to Mahesh for 'Takkari Donga'.   I alway thank him for that.  I also feel bad about it.  Whenever I meet Mahesh, he tells me - Prepare a good story.. we'll work together.  I'm on the job right now.  It will be a good love story".

He is confident of making a film with Mahesh.  On the other hand, his upcoming film 'Jayadev' is the remake of Tamil super hit 'Sethupathi'. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao provided screen-play.  Mani Sharma is the music director.

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