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Idhi Nijam Kaadu: A Sequel Sans Mahesh

Idhi Nijam Kaadu: A Sequel Sans Mahesh
Despite the film being a commercial failure, both director Teja and hero Mahesh Babu won quite a lot of critical acclaim for the movie "Nijam". Especially the director's hardcore way of touching corruption and politics has impressed many though they compared it with Bharateeyudu movie.

During the promotions of Nene Raju Nene Mantri at various radio stations, Teja was continuously asked one question by many callers about this film. Will he do a sequel to Nijam movie? Our director has his best answer saved for this question. "Yes, I'll honestly do Nijam's sequel or prequel whatever, it will be titled 'Idhi Nijam Kaadu'. And the film will not have Mahesh Babu", said Teja, while promoting his latest movie.

Though many feel that Mahesh has to do the sequel to it, Teja has his own reasons for it. "Nijam is liked by all and they are asking for a sequel, only because of its content, not because of the hero. So I'll make another film that will be talked about its content", Teja added.

Right now, only if Teja scores a big blockbuster with Nene Raju Nenu Mantri, the sequel might workout with Mahesh Babu. Otherwise, he has to pick newcomers only, because such a big star won't risk with this director right now.

On the other hand, Teja promised that NRNM is going to be a kick-ass film for all those who love to hear about politics going on in the state. "I've not left any single politician right now in our state and thrown satires on them all. If you love politics, you'll love Nene Raju Nene Mantri quite well" he quips.

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