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If hero is tall, BGM will be super!

If hero is tall, BGM will be super!
Music director SS. Thaman shared that he likes the actors who are tall. He said there is a special reason for that as the heroes who are tall will get great action sequences and watching them he will get inspired to score great BGM. Thaman said he did the same for Gopi Chand's Gautam Nanda as well.

" Gautham Nanda is designed as beautiful painting by director Sampath Nanda. Writing lyrics and composing songs for his movies is a tough job. He doesn't easily get satisfied. I like Gopichand a lot and in fact, I like all the heroes who are tall. As they are tall, action choreography for them will be high class and I get inspired to score apt BGM for them as well. The action scenes and BG  for them will be a highlight in the movie. I'm eagerly waiting for the movie release and I will be the most happiest person on the release day of this movie," shared Thaman.

Thaman has been the busy composer in Telugu Cinema for many years. But recently, his movies haven't been showing positive results at box office and even the number of offers for him are reducing. So the music composer wants this movie to work big time for him. As his last high profile release, Winner did not work, he wants this film to be his big comeback. The movie Gautam Nanda is scheduled for a release on 28th July. 

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