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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 6:32 pm

IFFK 2017: Virtual reality thrills

IFFK 2017: Virtual reality thrills
Visitors to the Kazhcha Indie Film Festival (KIFF), being held in parallel to the IFFK at Lenin Balavadi near Tagore Theatre in the capital, were in for a surprise when they got to try the 360 degree movie experience through Virtual Reality (VR) cinema. A futuristic film experience, through VR technology, the ‘audience’ can watch the movie from ‘inside’ it, taking visual dimensions to a new level.  

Seated on a revolving chair, the viewer sports a VR headset which shows the view s/he wants to see, instead of what the film maker intends to show on the screen. The views from all dimensions, including height and depth, are very interesting. “You feel that you are standing atop a building looking at the traffic below and under the vast blue sky. It was a wonderful experience,” says Nisha, a delegate who visited the KIFF, which concluded on Monday after screening 14 movies and four documentaries made in India. Augmented virtual reality will revolutionise movie watching by making it more of an 'experience rather than viewing.

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