Ileana: On #MeToo, Andrew and Tollywood

Ileana, one of the popular starts who ruled Tollywood a decade ago has now become busy in Bollywood. After a gap of six years, the actor is now part of a Telugu film which is releasing on November 16. Here is what she has to say about Amar Akbar Anthony and more of her personal life.

Can we call AAA as your comeback film?

I don't call it a comeback. It was just some gap in between because I was busy in Bollywood. Though I was looking for offers here, I haven't found anything that impressive in whatever I have received till now. I got many special song requests too but I was just not convinced with the roles I was getting. It doesn't mean that I did not want to come here. I was ready to manage call sheets too, but things didn't go well here.

Why did you say yes to this film?

I would always say yes to work with Ravi Teja and he is definitely a good person to work with. Irrespective of the number of films I have done with him, the story of this film was good and I play a key role in Amar, Akbar and Anthony's lives. I loved the script. It has big cast and all of them are really nice to me.

How was the dubbing?

Sreenu has convinced to dub for this film and I enjoyed it. In the contract itself, I signed that I won't be doing the dubbing. But Sreenu felt that I should give it a try. So that is why I did it and really enjoyed it. I have never dubbed for any films because I just hate listening to my voice.

Tell us about your relationship with Andrew. What is the current status?

We are in a happy relationship and I don't like to talk anything else or more about it. I have an Instagram page and whatever I have to say, I would like to tell my fans there. We are not married, but are happy in the current status. I post only a little about my personal life because it is my personal life and not public life.

Do you support #MeToo movement? Do you have any stories to share?

I do support and I am glad that women are coming out and speaking about it. It needs a lot of courage to say that they were sexually harassed and more power to them. Yes, even I have stories to share but I think I will talk about it when the right time comes.
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