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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 9:23 pm

In Talk Promotions In A Funny Way

In Talk  Promotions In A Funny Way

For the first time ever, Sushanth attempted a film which is simple yet sensible instead of falling in the commercial trap. And that's 'Chi La Sow' directed by another young hero Rahul Ravindran. Promotions of this youthful entertainer have been planned in a unique manner.

In the promotional video, Sushanth attends the story hearing session to pick up a subject that's relatable to the common audience. He, however, ends up listening to a mass-masala subject narrated by a wannabe filmmaker. In the end, Sushanth accepts the story narrated by Rahul Ravindran. The whole sequence evokes laughter and sincerity shown by Sushanth will be appreciated.

Annapurna Studios bankrolled 'Chi La Sow'. Rahul Ravindran is willing to quit acting if this flick hits the bull's eye. Samantha had given thumbs up upon attending the screening. Does the movie buffs need anything else to watch this movie?

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