Inside Talk: Young Heroes With Real Disorders

We've seen many characters played by our heroes on silver screen suffering from various disorders. Especially OCD and stammering clicked big time, while others suffered fate at the hands of a bad story. Now the talk is, some young heroes had this obsessive-compulsive disorder in real life as well.

A young hero can't stop reading all the news websites, magazines and other media every day. Even during the shooting, during the shot gap, he immerses himself in reading all the gossip. His obsession is, if anyone fails to write about him, he makes his manager call that particular journalist and find out why his name is left out.

Another hero is highly worried about any negative news about him. If someone talks about his remuneration, love stories or the flop show of his films, he gets hurt. He irritates media houses by calling them regularly and WhatsApp's them demanding a removal of content.

There is this particular star coming from an influential family who enjoys leaking news to media and getting written about him. But if someone reveals the stark truth about him, he smashes his phone against the floor after reading any such news. Yearly we hear that he changes almost 6-8 phones for that reason. Rest of the times he gets a new screen or case for his phone if the breakage is minimum.

The likes of Chiranjeevi and Balayya also must have faced much gossip on paper those days but never they reacted this. They have found their way through the storm by delivering big hits, choosing terrific stories and entertaining audiences to the core. Probably these young heroes suffering from such disorders might take a clue from them and change their ways.

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