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Tuesday 25 September, 2018, 3:32 pm

Investing 'Vasool'ed 'Paisa' on Son's Film?

Investing 'Vasool'ed 'Paisa' on Son's Film?
Crazy director Puri Jagannath has just recently taken his new film starring his son Akash onto floors. Interestingly, he himself is bankrolling the film under his 'Puri Jagannath Touring Talkies' banner. Rumors are spread in film circles that the star director is pumping in the money amassed from 'Paisa Vasool' on his son's film.

Puri's last directorial was 'Paisa Vasool' starring Balakrishna Nandamuri. For this film, Puri reportedly didn't take any remuneration and sealed a 'package deal' with the producer, according to which he was given Rs 30 Cr to wrap up the film.

The director has reportedly pocketed no less than Rs 10 Cr after deducting all expenses including remunerations of actors and technicians. For that matter, Puri had struck a similar deal to launch a producer's kin in his penultimate film, 'Rogue', and taken home Rs 10+ Cr, say reports.

The director is now reportedly investing the money earned from those 'package deals' on his son's film, 'Mehbooba'. The film's shooting recently commenced in Himachal Pradesh. Nithin's 'Heart Attack' was the last film that Puri produced.

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