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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:08 pm

Is Alia Bhatt’s multi-coloured sequined midi-skirt worth Rs 4000?

Is Alia Bhatt’s multi-coloured sequined midi-skirt worth Rs 4000?
Out of all the star kids that made their foray into Bollywood over the last few years, there’s one that has stood apart from the rest. We are besotted with the one who has been carving a glorious niche for herself with a slew of unconventional roles, the one and only sartorial stunner – Alia Bhatt. The reigning diva of Bollywood, who’s busy making an impact in the industry, is one trendsetter whom we don’t mind following. While the talented actress isn’t blowing our minds with her portrayal on screen, she’s busy stepping out in her most fashionable attires, making us bookmark her every look. From being a cherubic-faced 19-year old to an uber-chic 24-year old reigning millennial, Alia Bhatt has indeed traversed a long way. One of the Bollywood’s best dressed actress, Alia has always been a favourite among the fashion aficionados like us. Her red carpet looks are always a stunner but even the casual ones are enough to take some style inspiration from. Opting for some chic outfits and carrying them with her signature enviable style, the Highway star is always a designer’s delight and a perfect muse for any artist. So when a diva like her, steps out in a gorgeous attire which is pretty affordable, it does urge the shopaholic in me to see if it’s worth it and deserves a place in my wardrobe. Well, Alia Bhatt’s recent fashion choice, however, has left us confused.

Alia Bhatt’s recent fashion outing, where she opted for a multi-coloured sequined skirt with a plain black tank top, has left us confused. The actress was one of the few elite guests, who was invited for a dinner bash hosted by the Ambani family to honour the Mayor of London. While Katrina Kaif (one of the guests) preferred to go traditional for the bash, Alia chose a multi-coloured Zara skirt, which costs Rs 4,000 in Indian currency. Yes, we know that’s pretty affordable and won’t even burn a hole in your pockets but is it really worth it?
I mean, though the attire is affordable and you won’t hesitate to pick it up, will you keep wearing it day in and day out? For someone like me, who isn’t into sequins, will think twice before investing that amount in a skirt. But at the same time, it’s a good buy for anyone who loves bling. It’s a basic skirt and since it has so much bling, a simple tank top is all you need to go with it. Less drama and more elegance is how we will describe the attire and look to you.

So the choice is yours, tell us in the comments below if you mind spending that much amount for a skirt or if you think that it’s a waste of your hard earned money.

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