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Is Bunny Looking At Bollywood?

Bunny aka Allu Arjun has a good following in Telugu states and that is no surprise or news for anyone. Even him having recognisable fan base in Kerala is also not a big news.

The actor's Telugu Films get dubbed into Hindi and they get good TRPs and on streaming sites like Youtube,  they have created some records as well.

Now, the actor is seen in Mumbai city with his wife in the span of few days. He himself excitedly shared that he went to the city.

Recently, he was seen at a dinning restaurant with his wife, Sneha Arjun. The actor mostly likes to go for long vacation trips to foreign countries and not to cities in India.

Even if he is just visiting them, he wouldn't be doing so, just for fun. There will be some kind of  purpose behind these visits.

This is the major discussion among many now-a-days in the film circles. They want to know if Allu Arjun has plans to go to Bollywood any time soon. May be something interesting is really looking up as he did not sign any new film after Naa Peru Surya.

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