Is Charmee Celebrating Failure?

There is a popular one-liner in Telugu Cinemas, "Gelichinappudu evadaina navvuthadu badha lo kooda navve vaade hero (Anyone can be ecstatic in success, but the real hero is the one who can laugh in failure)"

Many are quoting this line looking at Charmee's dance video. The viral video seemed to be her dancing during a party, as she is seen with a bottle and two glasses in her hands.

While, her new movie, Mehbooba, which she executive produced for Puri Connects, is not going strong at the box office, what is she celebrating, we don't know.

She seems to be trying to cheer herself up with the dance, before she starts the party.

Well, she might be considering this also a promotional activity, as people who see this video could think that the movie is indeed a hit, hence, she is celebrating.

But people know better. If in any case, she is trying to cheer herself and her team, to not be bogged down by result, we appreciate her positiveness.   

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