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Is Nag Not Much Concerned About Varma?

When Nagarjuna announced his film with Ram Gopal Varma everybody got surprised including his fans.  In fact, his fans were slightly worried how could Nag take such a risk with Varma now? It seems Nag too knows the risks of doing a film with Varma..that the reason why he clarified at the launch that 'Naaku mind dobbaledu'(I haven't gone out of my mind) and gave some explanation in teaming up with Varma.

He said that he took a promise from Varma that this film should set an example in technical standards as Shiva did 28 years ago.  In another interview, Nagarjuna said that he has given him the opportunity on a condition that Varma should keep aside all other things and strictly focus on his film.  All these promises and conditions are fine but Varma seems to be following his same old 'sensational' route.

He announced sensational 'Kadapa' web series.   He has recently grabbed the headlines with 'God Sex and Truth' video with porn star Mia Malkova.  Creating sensations is not a new thing for Varma but he is giving jitters to Akkineni fans who are hopeful that Varma will try to make Nagarjuna film sincerely.  Except for Amitabh(Sarkar 3), no other star has shown interest to work with Varma in the recent past.  In such a situation, many people thought that he will at least try to bounce back with Nagarjuna film. But it doesn't seem to be happening.  Nagarjuna is also not much concerned about Varma's frenziness.  

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