Is That The Reason Behind Her Sudden Marriage?

Bollywood beauty Neha Dhupia is known as a bold lady.  The viewers who watch No Filter With Neha talk show knows about her style.  She doesn't mince her words to enquire about the guest's personal details.  She even talks about their sexual preferences and favourite sex positions as well.  She made many celebrities to reveal things they have never talked before.

Though she makes others to speak their secrets, Neha reportedly kept a secret and married suddenly as per the Bollywood media.  It is known that Neha married Indian spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi son Angad Bedi a few days ago.  Angad-Neha have been living in together for the last few years and entire Bollywood knows it. Then why did she marry him suddenly?

Bollywood media is saying that Neha got pregnant but she doesn't want to get it aborted.  That's the reason why she immediately married him.  They thought that if they go for a high profile wedding, it will be highlighted in the media.   They will count the months after the delivery of the baby and there will be huge discussions.  To avoid all these things, they went for a low-profile wedding.

We need to wait for few more months to know about it.  If the reports are really true, they will surely ask her the questions in future.  Meanwhile, Bollywood media is trying to get the confirmation of her pregnancy.

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