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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:44 am

Is This the Highlight Scene in SPYder?

Is This the Highlight Scene in SPYder?
Most of the films directed by AR Murugadoss has a specialty. He makes the hostility between the protagonist and the antagonist palpable to the audience even though the duo don't come face to face until in the latter half. His new film SPYder is no exception.

One of the posters released by the Spyder team shows Mahesh and SJ Suryah, film's lead antagonist, having a face to face encounter, possibly in a prison. This is the first scene when the duo meet each other in the film, and the scene comes in the second half. Until then, they communicate only through phone conversation.

As per sources, both Mahesh and Suryah competed with each other with their intense performances in this scene, which has come out very well. In the scene, while Mahesh tries his best to extract the motive behind the maniacal activities that Suryah's carries out in the film, the latter irritates and infuriates Mahesh with his callous and witty argument. This scene may be touted as one of the highlights of the film after its release.

Netizens are already comparing this scene to the iconic scene in Hollywood blockbuster 'The Dark Knight', where Batman and Joker meet under under similar setup in a prison.

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