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Is Vijay 59 original title is ‘kaakki’?

Is Vijay 59 original title is ‘kaakki’?
Kollywood’s top star Vijay’s upcoming film, ‘Vijay 59’ was in news since the day it was announced. Previously Thala Ajith has created a new trend with his unique style and attitude. Similarly, he created a trend not to reveal the titles of his upcoming films. Now Vijay is also following the same thing.

Vijay‘s upcoming film was rumored with the title ‘Viajay 59’ and it is also slated to release on this Diwali. The makers of this film spilled the beans that, the title and first look of this film will be released on the same day.

However, it is rumored that, Vijay will be seen as the cop in this film, critics are strongly hinting that, title of Vijay 59 can be ‘Kaakkii’.

However, an official confirmation is still awaited….


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