Jagapathi Babu Bold Comments On Caste Feeling

Biggest cancer that is troubling Indian society at the moment is the mental barrier called 'caste' that people often love to boast about. But the biggest movie star like Jagapathi Babu quashes it and explains the need for change in mindsets.

"Kamma, Reddy, Kapu, What is this? For living happily, we run after money and make money as a caste. People run after ministers and fall on their legs to get things done, but they don't look into that minister's caste.  Many males run after girls with extramarital affairs, and caste doesn't bother there. We don't worry about the caste of our maids and domestic workers. But why do we worry about the caste of a guy who wants to marry our daughter?" asks Jagapathi Babu, setting the record straight.

Coming from a Kamma community, in this film industry where caste-card is playing the major role, Jagapathi Babu says he hates caste as that incites only ego in a person but nothing else. "We live in a society where people are enjoying 99% lies, and now if that 1% speaks the truth, they are saying it is philosophy. But I'm not quoting any philosophy, these are truths. Caste is a useless thing that has nothing to do with lives of people" he avers, revealing his anti-caste stand.

The talented actor who has turned to antagonist roles these days confirmed that he doesn't believe in male heirs and continuation of a surname. "My father is worried because my brothers and I are all blessed with girls only. But what happens if there is no male heir? I conveyed the same to my father to not worry about Veeramachineni surname" he said.

"Inter-caste marriages are good and recently everyone is welcoming the change. After looking at how I got my daughter married to a white-American, many are encouraging such. The Recent marriage of Chay and Samantha is also another good example that will give inspiration. I would love to see the word 'caste' and 'inter-caste' inexistent soon" added Jagapathi Babu. "Bunny, Vishnu, Ram Charan and now Chaitanya are all conveying a direct message about caste thing. They all married people from other-castes and stood as an example. Inspire from them" he further said.

"Love is universal, not caste. Love should be the only caste. Political parties should stop inciting caste-based violence. They should not provoke people. Leaders should stop playing caste-card in elections" he explains, urging the need for change in politicians and political system to eradicate the caste system.

"When there is an injustice meted to people, everyone should unite. Like they sai Jai Kisan, I will say 'Jai Insan'. Open up your mind and love each other. Spread love. Let's make earth heaven", he says, signing off.

Hats off Jagapathi Babu!! Hope his viewpoint opens the eyes of many and enlightens them!!

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