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Saturday 22 September, 2018, 7:35 pm

Jagapathi Babu's retort! Who is the target?

Jagapathi Babu's retort! Who is the target?
Most of the A-listers in the Industry are hesitant to respond on the Nandi Awards controversy. Only few Producers & Actors have shared their views on this subject so far.

Although Balayya responded on Nandi Awards, The Hindupur MLA restricted his speech to sharing happiness over 9 Nandi Awards won by 'Legend'.

When the reaction of Jagapathi Babu was sought by Journalists few days ago, This Family Hero-turned-Character Artiste replied: 'That's your problem, not mine'.

Jagapathi Babu visited Vijayawada to take part in a charity walk. It was then he found fault with the theatre monopoly in Telugu Film Industry. 'It's not right that few people have been having the authority over the theaters in Telugu States,' he commented.

Why did Jagapathi Babu made such a comment at this point of time? Is it just because people who are criticizing Nandi Awards selection process are controlling the theatres? Will the comment made by Jagapathi lead to another controversy? Let's see...!

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