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Janani Iyer back with a bold role

Janani Iyer back with a bold role
Three years ago, Janani Iyer had suddenly appeared in a bunch of Malayalam films and then just as suddenly, disappeared. After 3 Dots, 7th Day, Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal and Koothara, she appeared in one film last year — Ithu Thaanda Police. But now she is returning with a role that would last throughout the film, for she plays one of the only two actors in Ma Chu Ka, a thriller, releasing this Friday.

“I had been waiting to do a performance-oriented role like this in Malayalam. The entire story rides on this girl, Niveditha Hariharan, a bold journalist with no care about the consequences her daring actions will bring. She meets a 40-year-old advocate played by Pasupathy, and the film revolves around what happens after they meet,” Janani says.

She has to dig out the memories of those 20 days shot inside a house in Kodaikanal, for it was more than three years ago. “We were shooting more than 12 hours a day, for 20 days. And I was there in every shot, every scene, it was one of the most hectic days of my career,” she laughs. But it was well worth it, for the character she got was that significant. The reason that she disappeared from Malayalam was for the lack of such significant characters. “I have been really lucky to be part of some big projects. But I learnt from experience that you need to do substantial roles. So I didn’t take up projects with small roles, that’s why there’s been a gap. But this role should change that. Hopefully I will get more such significant characters after this.”

She has, however, been busy in Tamil, four films ready for release — Adhe Kangal, Balloon, Vidhi Madhi Ultaa, Thollaikatchi. “I play two shades in Ultaa. Balloon is a horror comedy, and it is retro.”

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