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Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story Review

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Cast :
Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma, Shishir Sharma, Nasser, Zakir Hussain, Rahul Singh
Director: Vinnil Markan
Producer: Kumar Taurani
Music : Sachin-Jigar-Kiran
Timesofap Rating: 2/5

A good tale gone sour, the story is about Jayanta Bhai (vivek) a don who falls in love with his neighbour Simi (neha). As expected, both are very different in nature and added to that there is the girl’s father (shishir sharma) who needs to be handled. Though Jayanta is a tough don he is a man with a golden heart and that’s what draws him to Simi. Whether he is successful in his love story or not forms the rest of the tale.

To be honest, while watching the film my mind kept going back to the charming and suave lover boy image Vivek donned in Saathiya. His good acting has blurred out in our memories because it was that long ago! This man has lost his edge in trying very hard to fit into the stereotypical moulds of Bollywood tailored roles. He is not even half the actor he was in Saathiya or in Company for that matter. However I admit this judgment of mine is based on a film which is awfully weak. The film does very little to defend any of its actors for that matter. Vivek’s Tapori lingo and safe work tries hard to push the film but the not-so-dignified dim witted screenplay butchers it all.

Neha Sharma is straight out of Barbie Land posing as the Angelina Jolie of tinsel town. She is bimbo-ishly silly and outrageously dumb (Sorry, for being racist) She is annoyingly irritating and sleazy. The only thing that works in her favor is her looks but has clearly done zero effort to enhance anything else at all.

The other characters are simply as misplaced as the film itself. It really shocks me opine that even saas bahu serials have a better level of acting.

Plus Points:
A tried and tested chemical formula of Rom-Coms.

Minus Points:
Uninteresting plot. Shabby acting. Tacky Humor,  Story is a confused tale.

Technical Aspects:
It feels terrible to slam someone’s work that is dripping off his sweat and blood. But, this film will make you sweat. It is immensely tiresome to watch something as foolish as Jayantabhai Ki Luv Story. The weak direction rambles on pointlessly only to culminate into a pointless climax. The music does no good to the film overall besides the songs sung by Atif Aslam which is definitely soothing. The mash up songs is strikingly good. The movie’s editing is decent. I guess even they couldn’t figure out means to fix up the damaged plot.

A slim story with incorrigible humor just goes on to prove our parents right; we must stay away from bad company – the likes of Jayantabhai!

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