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Jayasudha opens up on Husband's Suicide

Jayasudha opens up on Husband's Suicide
Jayasudha broke her silence for the first time after the tragic incident in her life. She issued a public statement Today appealing media not to sensationalize the suicide of her hubby Nitin Kapoor and not to invade the privacy of her Family.

The Senior Actress told Today happens to be their Wedding Anniversary and hence she has been recollecting the beautiful times they have spent Together. She believes Nitin Kapoor is with angels and finally at peace. he is looking down at his family. 'I know that wherever he is, he is looking down at us and protecting us with his love. May God's grace bless him with eternal peace and happiness.In gratitude of your love and blessings for my family. I thank everyone for supporting me and my family through this very dark moment in our lives,' she added.

Sahaja Nati confirmed depression is the reason behind the extreme step of Nitin Kapoor. She opined that such health condition is real and very overpowering.

32 Years is something else€Jayasudha would be missing Nitin Kapoor very badly. Media€Show some respect to the bereaved Family!

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