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Jr Ntr Rabasa Movie First Look

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The first look poster of Jr NTR's mass entertainer 'Rabasa' which is being directed by Santhosh Srinivas of Kandireega fame is out to double the happiness of the Nandamuri fans on the actor's birthday. NTR sports a rugged look here and the sounding of the title suggests that the film will have high-octane action and all the ingredients required for commercial cinema.

Santhosh Srinivas showed what he is capable of doing with Kandireega and he now has the advantage of reaching out to a wider audience if he rightly uses NTR's stamina. 'Rabasa' is a product from the actor who is known for enthralling the masses and the director who is best at finding the pulse of the masses. So, Entertainment Guaranteed!

Samantha will be romancing Tarak yet again, after Brundavanam and Ramayya Vastavayya. Beelamkonda Suresh produces this venture on Sri Sai Ganesh Productions banner. The film will go to floors in August this year.

Rabasa Movie First Look Posters

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