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Kaadhali Movie Review

Kaadhali Movie Review
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Cast: Pooja K Doshi, Harish Kalyan, Sai Ronak
Producer: Pattabhi R. Chilukuri
Director: Pattabhi R. Chilukuri
Music: Prasan, Praveen, Shyam
Rating: 2/5


Parents of Dr.Bandhavi (Pooja K Doshi) are a worried lot as many of the marriage matches do not fructify as they have many debts. Dr.Bandhavi gets attracted to the advice of her grandmother and friend and goes in search of a suitable groom.

But as luck would have it, she finds not one but two in form of Karthik (Sai Ronak) and Kranti(Harish Kalyan). Now Bandhavi is a confused lot as both Karthik and Kranti are both young, charming, good looking and handsome.

However, both have their own set of positives and negatives and come from different backgrounds. To find out whom Bandhavi enters into wedlock, enjoy Kaadhali on the silver screen.


Pooja K Doshi on debut looked cute and performed quite well. She attracted with her expressive eyes and dimples on cheeks when she smiled. However she became a mismatch opposite both Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan as both are tall and her height became a problem.

Sai Ronak and Harish Kalyan for all their tall personality and physique, however failed to come with right kind of expressions and emotions. This turned out to be the biggest drawback in the film.

Others performed their roles according to the script.


Prasan, Praveen, Shyam's music is melodious and romantic. All the songs are well shot but the placement of some of the songs tests the patience of the viewers. Music is nothing creative but reminds old songs. Background score is adequate.

Sekhar V Joseph's cinematography is beautiful. He captured the beautiful scenic locations at various places and turned the film into a beautiful canvas. Editing of Marthand K Venkatesh could have been better especially in the second half.

Director Pattabhi could have added few more twists and turns and fastened the pace of the film to make it more interesting. Production values are good.

Plus Points:

Good looking star cast
Emotions and expressions involved in love
Decent interval bang
Melodious songs

Minus Points:

Routine story
Lack of twists and turns
Lack of commercial elements
Lack of comedy
Very young looking heroine
Second half


Pattabhi R Chilukuri planned to attract movie lovers with a romantic entertainer. Though routine, he managed to complete the first half on an interesting note. Entire first half is filled with youthful elements like dating, romance, few comedy scenes etc and director tried to highlight the emotions involved when youngsters experience the feeling of love.

While many expected the second half to sail through in a similar manner, director Pattabhi too fell into the trap of heroine character which remained indecisive throughout the film and in the end came with a simple decision.

In his quest to highlight the emotional disturbances of a girl in love when presented with multiple choices, Pattabhi turned indecisive on how to end the film. This affected the entire second half and thus the result of the film.

Pattabhi's story, screenplay and direction have nothing much to talk of. He should have worked with more intent on them before going ahead with the project.


Kaadhali tests the patience giving immense torture.

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