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Tuesday 20 February, 2018, 1:14 am

Kabali deleted scenes: Rajinikanth-Radhika Apte Romantic Mood

Kabali deleted scenes: Rajinikanth-Radhika Apte Romantic Mood
2016 cannot be complete without the mention of one of the biggest hits – Kabali. It’s safe to say, there is not one person who hasn’t watched or even heard of Kabali. Of course it’s not surprising considering it’s a Rajinikanth film. The movie was going to be extra special as it marked the return of Rajinikanth to the big screen after a long gap. And then they released the teaser – it created a furore like never before. In fact, according to YouTube it’s one of top trending trailers of 2016. But guess what, even though the movie released a few months ago, the makers had a surprise in store for us on the last day of this year. They had announced, they would release deleted scenes from Kabali and here it is – There’s one scene where Rajinikanth aka Kabali discovers about Dhansika’s crush, there is a scene where Kabali shoots Dinesh and there’s another romantic scene between Rajiniaknth and Radhika Apte. Now the romantic scene between the lead couple is our favourite. In fact, we are wondering why they even deleted it. It really adds meaning to their innocent, pure relationship. We have said this before and we can’t help but say it again – Rajinikanth and Radhika are too good together, there is something endearing about this couple and we love it. Rajinikanth ooozes style and glamour while Radhika looks gorgeous in her traditional avatar. What a way to end the year! We really think movies should release their deleted scenes. It allows fans to re-discover the love for the movie all over again. Don’t you think?

After the grand success that Kabali was, Pa Ranjith and Rajiniaknth have joined hans again. And this time Dhanush’s production house will be bank rolling the project. It’s a dream project. We are eagerly awaiting details. From what we know, work for Thalaiva 161 has officially begun!

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