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Kajal Agarwal FIFTY Not Out

Kajal Agarwal FIFTY Not Out
Actress Kajal Agarwal reached a milestone she would always be proud of. She completed 50 feature films in a span of 10 Years. 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri' happens to be her landmark flick.

Kajal: 'My 10 Years journey has been so beautiful. Reaching the 50 film-mark is a great feeling. There can't be a better gift for my birthday'.

Nene Raju Nene Mantri: 'My role is something which I haven't done before. I play the girl named Radha. Due the personal rapport I share with Rana, We used to discuss about the scenes and that really helped. Working with my Mentor Teja sir after a gap of 10 years is so special. While working with him, I had to unlearn what I picked up over the years and learn new nuances. I hope Directors will create many more such wonderful characters keeping me in mind'.

Recently, Kajal signed 'MLA' starring Kalyan Ram who is the first hero she romanced. It's a coincidence that she worked with Teja and Kalyan Ram in her 10th Year.

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