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Kajal Charging 30 Lakhs For Promotions?

Kajal Charging 30 Lakhs For Promotions?
Of course, Kajal Agarwal never does like a Nayantara by avoiding promotions of a movie saying that I've done my job and there is no need to promote a film that way. But this hot lady never appears too much in media circles and other press events promoting the movie.

In the recent times, even when Kajal Agarwal has done some biggies, she's seen promoting those films only for fewer days. Things are not the same however now, as she is literally present at every single event related to Nene Raju Nene Mantri promotions. From running to various TV channels, to attend college events and other TV shows, Kajal is quite active on the promotion circuits. Wonder why?

Some sources from industry are quipping that Kajal is not doing these extra promotions for free, but she's charging an additional 30 lakhs from Suresh Babu to promote the film this way. But Suresh is known for spending less and spending wise, will he budge to such demand is the question.
Whether that is true or false, Kajal is not having any big film on hand at the moment in Telugu. So to make sure that more filmmakers, both directors and producers approach her, she should definitely project her value-added services big time. And hence such a huge promotion for Rana Daggubati's flick. What say Kajal?

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