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Kalyanram’s dream comes true finally

Kalyanram’s dream comes true finally
Nandamuri Kalyanram, the lead actor of the film Na Nuvve, which has been directed by Jayendra and produced by Mahesh Koneru, reveals that he had reservations when he was first approached for the part. “When Mahesh Koneru told me about the project, I questioned whether I would be right for the part. But the director said that he would project me in a new light. I watched the film a few days ago, and, as promised, I look completely different,” the actor says.

Kalyan says that he has dreamt of working with cinematographer P.C. Sriram, and his dream has finally come true. “I wanted to work with him ever since I watched Geethanjali and Gharshana. And now I have been able to, thanks to Jayendra garu.”

The actor is all praises for his co-star, Tamannaah. “Her performance actually makes my work easy. I wouldn’t have been able to play my role if Tamannaah were not in this film - she is perfect for the part. She is the best co-star I have had so far.”

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