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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:06 pm

Kangana Ranaut: A Superstar Is Trying To Put Me Behind Bars

Kangana Ranaut: A Superstar Is Trying To Put Me Behind Bars
Kangana Ranaut never minces words and is all open for opinionated discussions and promised the media, "I will definitely hold a separate meeting just to convey my thoughts because I think a lot," said the actress jokingly at an event held on Thursday. Present at the unique award function… Well, before we head ahead, let us tell you that Kangana doesn't attend any award shows. The reason behind attending this award function was also very unique. Opening up about her presence at the do, she said, "I don't go to any award shows but I'm very thankful that they (Reebok- Fit to Fight Awards) invited me to this absolutely unconventional event. The people who'll be felicitated here are the real heroes."

When prodded about the on-going controversy about Deepika Padukone receiving death threats for the controversial film, 'Padmavati', the actress ended up revealing some extra information. After stating that it is wrong to issue death threats but not surprising, the 'Queen' actress in the flow of further, said, "When my sister was in school, she faced an acid attack from a student and now when I am in a professional environment, a superstar is trying to put me behind bars. So, this is very common that happens in our society."

She also spoke about attacking "patriarchy" and "chauvinism". "For individuals, we can call them out and say whatever you are doing is not right. But I feel this is not restricted only to boys, it implies to girls as well, so we have to attack that view point and we are doing it whether with our work, speech or films. And that is why I feel films are an important medium because we as an industry can reach out to people only through our films."

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