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Kangana Ranaut dated My Husband

Kangana Ranaut dated My Husband
Actress Zarina Wahab (W/o Aditya Pancholi) responded on the revelation of Kangana Ranaut that she was house arrested and abused while being in a relationship with Aditya Pancholi. The 'Queen' Star stated Zarina denied any help when she brought to her notice about the harassment & even after saying she is like her Daughter.

Zarina Wahab questioned, 'How could she treat Kangana as her Daughter when she was dating her Husband for four-and-a-half years?'.

The Senior Actress said there is no truth in the claims of Kangana that she sought her help. Zarina admits meeting Kangana few times as her hubby wanted her to take her to meet Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. She alleges Kangana has been making these explosive allegations on the episode which happened 14-15 years ago to promote her upcoming film 'Simran'.

Kangana's Sister Rangoli slammed Zarina Wahab accusing her of exploitation of a girl younger than her own daughter. 'Why would Zarina offer gifts and lure Kangana by taking her to meet Big Directors when she knew her Husband is exploiting this minor? Zarina and Aditya should be behind the bars,' she said.

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