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Friday 19 October, 2018, 11:36 am

Karthi's Loss is Nani's Gain

Karthi's Loss is Nani's Gain
Karthi was the initial choice for Ninnu Kori. Apparently, debutante director Shiva Nirvana had originally narrated the story to Karthi. But Karthi couldn't take up the offer.

The film is about how a guy continues to chase his girlfriend even after she is married to someone else. It is a tricky film and has to be dealt very sensitively else it would be in a tough spot.

While Karthi couldn't do the film, Nani stepped in to it and did a spectacular job. Nani's performance has added a great value addition to the film. Even Karthi has admitted that Nani has done a great job. Karthi has now regretted for not doing the film. While Kathi cited that dates was the issue, it is buzzed that Karthi would have been suspicious of the film's story that may go against family audiences.

The film's cast includes Nivetha Thomas and Aadi Pinisetty who have done an impressive job too. However, it is Gopi Sunder's music that stood out making it the most memorable music album.

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