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Katie Price shocks fans with nak3d pregnancy throwback snap

Katie Price shocks fans with nak3d pregnancy throwback snap
Katie Price sparked an online debate when she shared a naked picture of herself, taken just minutes before she gave birth to daughter Bunny.

The former glamour model went on a trip down memory lane as she took to Instagram to share some throwback pictures.

She shared images of her kids, including one of daughter Bunny, two, taken just after she was born prematurely.

But one of her pictures sparked a bit of a debate amongst her fans.

In the image, the star is heavily pregnant and standing in the hospital wearing nothing but a surgery gown and a pair of compression stockings.

But Katie is standing with the gown pulled up above her bump and she's not wearing any underwear.

The way she's posing means that you can't really see anything, but it still seemed to upset some people.

The mum-of-five posted it, writing: "Omg got some throw back pictures this was me pregnant with bunny and 5 mins after this picture I had my c section" [sic]

Some people took offence to the picture.
One said: "Little too much with this picture I think"

"Too much, some things should be kept private," said another.

And another posted: "U have no knickers on..... plastering it all over effing instagram.... some people have no self respect or self worth.... really" [sic]

But others defended Katie.

One fan wrote: "I think this is a beautiful photo of a beautiful pregnant lady looking happy & proud to be having her baby,nothing more & nothing less.What is the wrong in sharing a picture that You as a Mum are proud of.It's in no way distasteful or harmful to anyone so I don't understand the negative comments.If you don't like a picture or post then you can just scroll past,why follow someone you don't like & go to the extreme of writing nasty comments" [sic]

And another wrote: "Some people take life too seriously.. I looked at this and laughed... was probably tongue in cheek when this pic was taken and I'm sure we'd all love to look so good 5mins before giving birth... believe me... my pre and post birth photos are not for sharing, I look like nothing on earth... in fact you'd be more offended at my pics than Katie's"

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