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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:22 pm

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie Review

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie Review
Cast : Kiran, Harshad Kulkarni, Gayatri
Producer: Sujan
Director: Karthik Medikonda
Music: GV
Rating: 1.5/5.0


In recent times, one movie that has created quite some sensation and decent buzz with its slick and interesting trailers is the small flick Kiss kiss bang bang. Directed by Karthik Medikonda, the movie stars newcomers. Here's team AP Herald's exclusive review.

Aryan ( Kiran) working with media, gets disinterested and angered by his live in girlfriend and asks her to leave his house. But as she refuses, he himself leaves, only to get caught in a crime web involving a murder of a prostitute. How Aryan got into that situation, and who committed the murder, whether Aryan escaped from the accusations us what kiss kiss bang bang is all about.


Kiran is OK with his performance as a frustrated youngster. He carried himself well and his body language is good. Harshada acted well as a suspecting partner leading a rich life style and went bold in some scenes.

Gayatri Gupta looked good in some scenes. Katti Mahesh evoked few laughs as the boss. Others like Ravikanth, Bhrat Reddy, Praveen performed accordingly.


Music by GV matches the dark tone of the movie, and Cinematography is perfect with neat Color patterns and toning. Editing must have been better. One of the biggest plus of the movie happens to be the rich production values. A lot of effort has been taken by Kartik Medikonda to make screenplay look realistic, but an uninteresting and boring screenplay with lots of drags and poor performances from the lead artists and lack of logic makes this movie worth a skip.

Plus Points:

Harshada's glamor treat
Production values

Minus Points:

Repetitive scenes
Story, Screenplay, Direction
Lack of commercial elements
Missing entertainment
Missing logics


Director Karthik tried to impresses movie lovers with a crime thriller. Though he generated interest at the start of the film, confusing screenplay and direction undid his work. To the top of it, he missed many logics in the narration of the story.

He seems to have got inspiration from many Hollywood films ,especially Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and penned the story. However the film lacked nativity and to the top of it, director swinging back and forth with the narration left movie lovers confused.

Had Karthik narrated the plot in a simple manner result would haee been different.

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