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Kona Venkat insulted his friend-foe, Vaitla?

Kona Venkat insulted his friend-foe, Vaitla?
Director Srinu Vaitla goes at the receiving end yet again with his latest film Mister failing to impress movie lovers!

But look at who is insulting Vaitla here. Kona Venkat who broke the bond with Vaitla and started off on his ever since Aagadu debacle has humiliated Mister director!

Earlier before they broke Ram Charan tried to bring them together but it could gel well like before and the result was his film Bruce Lee.

Now Vaitla and Kona are divided and its a fact everyone is aware of. Not that Kona has been having dream run at the box office but he has more offers than Vaitla who actually could not seize the Mister opportunity!

So what is Kona's reaction? Sadly Kona did not find time to watch Mister. But wait. That is the insult to Vaitla as this could hurt more than saying the film is bad.

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