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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:47 pm

Koratala Siva's Interesting Statement on Drugs

Koratala Siva's Interesting Statement on Drugs
At a time when drugs scandal is creating ripples across the film industry and celebs are expressing their views on drug abuse, successful director Koratala Siva has made an interesting statement.

He didn't support drug abuse, but instead conveyed that the governments have much bigger public issues to deal with. Saying that 'Corruption' is more dangerous to Society than 'Drugs', the director advised all the governments to set up SITs (Special Investigation Teams) to eradicate corruption.

"Drugs are a bigger menace to the society. Need of the hour to clean it out. should appreciate the conviction to do so.

Don't we have a right to expect the same aggression to clean out the equally or say bigger menacing issues like corruption. Let's watch" Tweeted Siva.

He sort of conveyed that the governments are intentionally ignoring 'corruption' that is prevalent in every sector, more than anywhere in the govt. sector.

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