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Koratala Siva's shocking remuneration for Ram Charan film!

Koratala Siva's shocking remuneration for Ram Charan film!
Koratala Siva is the latest sensation in Telugu Cinema. The director proved that he knows how to deliver blockbusters with famous stars. He started with Prabhas's Mirchi then continued with Mahesh's Srimanthudu and after that his Janatha Garage with Jr. NTR also became a blockbuster.

We know that the demand and supply policy is the major player in our Telugu Cinema Industry. If you are in demand you can quote how much ever you want as a remuneration and producers won't deny to pay the amount. According to the reports, Siva Koratala has asked Matinee Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., who will be producing his film with Ram Charan, a whopping 14 crores as remuneration.

Interestingly, Siva wanted to make a movie with Ram Charan immediately after his Mirchi and producer Bandla Ganesh on his Parameswara Arts production house tried to set the combination. But the story discussions did not go as per planned and both of them decided to part ways and unite for a film at a later film. Had the combination did a movie that time, Siva's remuneration would not have been so high but with time everything changes as they say!

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