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Lakshmi Akka turns fire brand for Fashion Designer!

Lakshmi Akka turns fire brand for Fashion Designer!
Manchu Lakshmi is one strong woman in Telugu Film Industry and she has become subject of many memes and inspiring stories as well. She acted in Hollywood productions and saw great welcome into Telugu Film Industry as 'Irendri', the Queen of Darkness, in Anaganaga O Dheerudu. Slowly, she started being referred as AKKA by her fans and common audience. Even though she expresses her happiness about such name, she does enjoy the status of being the symbol of strong women in Film Industry.

She took to Twitter expressing her dissatisfaction about Fashion Designer latest pre-look poster. The movie produced as a sequel to 1986 movie,  Ladies Tailor, directed by director Vamsi, released pre-look poster last night featuring assumably hero taking measurements of chest line of an actress. This poster triggered a reaction from Lakshmi Manchu, her asking, "When will we stop objectifying women in our films?" Rakul Preet Singh too joined the bandwagon expressing her displeasure against the same.

Madhura Sreedhar, the producer of the movie, immediately replied to the two women saying it was unintentional and that their team will take care of the future promotional material. Many welcomed her for raising her voice against it but several did feel like it was highly unnecessary and sensationalisation. We are indeed happy that a lady celebrity did not let it go and tried to express against what they found objectionable.

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