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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 10:42 pm

Lakshmi Rai Lip Lock Tips

Lakshmi Rai Lip Lock Tips
It has been 12 years since Lakshmi Rai stepped into Film Industry and there is no role that could be remembered in the movies she acted till date. Though she had her share of beauty exposed on screen, there is no character that made a difference. Looks like, Lakshmi Rai is about to beat this trend.

Yes, the latest offering that Lakshmi Rai is coming with is an erotic thriller titled Julie 2. Being slated for release worldwide in all languages on November 24, the theatrical trailers and teasers have already scorched the screen. At the age of 30, Lakshmi Rai is looking hot like never before.

This hot beauty has shared some excellent tips for young heroines while acting in lip lock scenes. She recommends washing the mouth if either of kissers smoke. If possible, tells them to have a chewing gum. This sultry siren also advises the upcoming heroines not to think of audience at the shooting spot while doing lip locks or any other intimate scenes.

Upcoming heroines, are you listening?

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