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Land Scams Worry Tollywood Investors!

Land Scams Worry Tollywood Investors!
The land scams that are coming to light in both the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, forcing the respective state governments to act tough in the wake of the forthcoming assembly election, have triggered a lot of uproar in the Telugu film industry.

For, those in the film industry are mostly involved in the real estate industry and most of them route their black money only into the real estate.

The talk going on in the film industry circles is that a couple of Telugu film producers and directors parked their black money in the disputed properties.

One of these producers has stopped producing films and another producer is occasionally involved in film making.

Majority of these properties in which these producers had invested are lands on the outskirts of Hyderabad and Madhuravada in Visakhapatnam.

Now, the government has started digging into these land transactions and in Andhra Pradesh, a special investigation team has been constituted. This has caused panic among these producers and other investors.

They are now said to be making frantic enquiries as to whether the lands they had bought in the past are part of the disputed category of properties and whether the land records were genuine or not.

They are worried whether the transactions of disputed lands, which they had got regularised with the help of political leaders and officials would get exposed now.

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