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Lisa Haydon to tie the knot with boyfriend Dino Lalvani?

Lisa Haydon to tie the knot with boyfriend Dino Lalvani?
If you follow Lisa Haydon on Instagram, you already know about her very public relationship with boyfriend Dino Lalwani, son of Pakistan-born British entrepreneur Gullu Lalvani.

Lisa’s Instagram account is full of their PDA-laden pictures from their several romantic travel getaways. Looking at the pictures, it’s not hard to understand that the two are madly in love with each other and guess what? The two are ready to tie the knot!

The Chennai-born model turned actress, Lisa took to her social media account where she announced her marriage with boyfriend Dino Lalvani. Well... sort of.

Lisa shared her picture where we see her kissing Dino with caption, "Gonna marry him."

Since we don’t see Lisa flaunting a ring on her finger, it’s hard to form a conclusion just yet. Maybe we should just wait for an official announcement before jumping the gun.

The two have been dating each other since last one year. Going by the break-ups that we saw this year so far, 2016 hasn't been a romantic year for many but we are happy to see that it is turning out to be a delightful one for Lisa and Dino!

Meanwhile, here are few pictures of the lovebirds from their several romantic escapades.


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