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Love for Superstar will increase after reading this!

Love for Superstar will increase after reading this!
Super Star Prince Mahesh Babu's wife Namrata shared interesting things about her husband, the father in her husband!

Marking Father's Day, Namrata spoke to a TV channel interview and shared about the great father in her husband.

She said that while she is strict as a mother, Mahesh is lenient and gives freedom to children. Namrata said that she had never witnessed a time when Mahesh said NO to children. Despite his hectic schedules she said that he keeps a watch on kids progress and learns the same from wife. She said that he has little time to attend PTIs at school and added that still if Gautam insists that his dad come to school Mahesh makes it.

About our culture Namrata said that Mahesh did not want his children to call them Mom and dad and insisted that they always called them Amma and Nanna.

Is it not why people call Mahesh a doting father?

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