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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:45 pm

Love Island's Caroline Flack goes completely T0pless

Love Island's Caroline Flack goes completely T0pless
She's busy playing cupid on ITV's Love Island.

But it seems that Caroline Flack is keeping abreast of Majorca's glorious weather - as she proved when she indulged in some topless sunbathing, this week.

The 37 year-old stripped off to soak up the sun during a rare day off on Wednesday, where she was almost completely naked.
Shamelessly showing off her assets, the former X Factor presenter left little to the imagination as she pushed Spain's temperatures even higher.

Scraping her hair up into a messy bun, the former Strictly Come Dancing champion had clearly covered herself in oil and tanning lotion to maximise her sun session.

Just a pair of hotpants protected her modesty, while she hid her complexion behind a pair of designer sunglasses.
Joined by a friend on the roof of her villa, Caroline - who once dated Harry Styles - was clearly recharging after the hectic start of Love island's new series, which began on Monday.

Not that she's shy about displaying her body, of course.

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