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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 1:26 pm

Lovely Girl Fires On Director!

Lovely Girl Fires On Director!
Is it mandatory for heroines to maintain an enticing zero physique while trying to prove themselves on glamorous field with romancing heroes as the only ultimate possible goal? While some actors break this fencing by garnering a new identity of their own working on some special roles, most of the strugglers have to bend as per the demands made by producers and directors.

Looks like ‘Lovely’ girl Sanvi is not among those girls who just simply workout on physical exercise as per the commands from director. All it happened when film maker Sana Yadi Reddy preparing for a comeback with Kerala cricketer Sreesanth as hero picked Sanvi as heroine for the project. Sanvi too accepted the deal and followed Sana’s direction to further tone down her zero size structure.

After a lot of painful hard work went in, Sana called up Sanvi to express his unhappiness and order her to put the weight again. Irritated with this, Sanvi is reported to have fired all the guns at Sana and walked out from project compelling the makers to choose a new face from Bollywood. Whom will Sana rope in now as Sanvi’s replacement?

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