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Maa Abbayi Movie Review

Maa Abbayi Movie Review
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Casting: Sri Vishnu, Chitra Shukla, Vishal Patni and others
Director: Kumar Vatti
Producer: Balaga Prakash Rao
Music: Suresh Bobbili
Rating: 1.5/5.0


Abbayi (Sri Vishnu) loses his parents and sister whom he dearly loves in a bomb blast near Sai Baba temple at Dwarakanagar, Hyderabad. From then on Abbayi decides to seek revenge by nabbing the criminals responsible for the crime. He catches Pappu in Old City and then tries to find out the connection with 761,762 and then the lead operator (Vishal patni).  

How Abbayi successfully avenges the death of his family members and leads happy life with his lover (Chitra Shukla) should be enjoyed on silver screen.


Sri Vishnu is OK in his role. After the good performance in Appatlo Okadunde Vaadu, he surprised with his role. His arrogant expressions and body language may entertain masses to some extent but females will find it difficult to accept him. His expressions most of the time are too serious.

Chitra Shukla on debut did not get much scope to perform. She however gave sleepless nights with her hot glamour treat. Vishal Patni is okay as villain. Others performed well in their roles.


Suresh Bobbili's music is attractive and songs are well picturised. All of them are foot tapping. However all the songs acted as speed breakers. Background score is good. Dhanshyam's cinematography is attractive.

Marthand K Venkatesh could have paid attention to many drags in the film and should have deleted them in editing. Kumar Vatti in order to elevate the heroism of Vishnu decided to leave logics. He should have narrated the same story with few changes in an interesting manner. Production values are good.

Plus Points:

Chitra Shukla's glamour
Music, BGM

Minus Points:

Sri Vishnu
Illogical narration
Screenplay, Direction
Childish, Silly scenes


Kumar Vatti decided to show Vishu in out and out action packed role and for that that gave amiss to even small logics. He too fell for the standard notion that girls fall for people who are arrogant, don't respect them and force them to love them. The dialogues between hero and heroine are utterly insulting and promoting stalking. In fact they are far away from reality and no girl will tolerate hero insulting him in this manner and get attracted towards him.

Director followed tried and tested formula of a action scene with a romantic song. Film is extremely routine and there is no scene which generate interest among movie lovers. Right from start to finish the story goes in a routine manner and with normal interval bang after the break goes in the same vein to test the patience of viewers before ending the film with a routine climax. Little bit interest increases during pre climax. Over all there is nothing in the story which attracts the attention of movie lovers.


Maa Abbayi tests the patience of movie lovers!

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