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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 1:28 pm

Mahanti Pushes 'Rangasthalam 1985' Away

Mahanti Pushes 'Rangasthalam 1985' Away
Rangasthalam 1985 is one film that was supposed to hit the theatres for this year's Dusshera season but the makers have pushed it to Sankranthi. With the sudden entry of Agnyathavasi into the Sankranthi race, the makers of Rangasthalam pushed their movie to 29th March. We have come to know that the release date will be changing again as the makers of Mahanati announced that the film will release on March 29th.

The clash of both the films is not good and a solo release should be given to both. The latest industry talk is that the makers of Rangasthalam will postpone their film as they have no option to prepone it. With BAN, 2PointO and Na Peru Surya releasing in April, Rangasthalam might not compete with them. The makers might release the film towards the ending of April or with a gap of two weeks from the April releases.

Sukumar is the director of the film and the movie is being made under Mythri Movie Makers production house. Samantha is the leading lady in the movie.

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