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Wednesday 24 October, 2018, 7:32 am

Mahesh Babu’s Big Class to Media - the Best Ever

Mahesh Babu’s Big Class to Media - the Best Ever
Mahesh Babu had a standalone scene coming right after he loses his CM chair in Bharat Ane Nenu. The Tollywood Prince is being showered praises for his performance in that particular scene.

As expected, Mahesh gave his own style of subtle delivery. In the scene, Mahesh takes a big class to the media on how they are giving importance to petty things like love tracks to improve their TRPs rather than concentrating and focusing on the issues related to the people.

In the movie, the CM falls in love with a girl and that is publicized in a manner that he loses his portfolio. Mahesh yells and snaps at the media for giving importance to such silly issues. This scene is quite relatable to the contemporary scenario when TV channels’ main focus has been on improving the TRPs.

If you are a Mahesh fan, you will definitely feel proud of him for this scene shows how the actor has the ability to take an entire episode in his stride. This particular scene has come out very well and will stand out as one of the most memorable moments for his die-hard fans.

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