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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:45 am

Mahesh Babu's Bus Stop!

Mahesh Babu's Bus Stop!
Mahesh Babu, ever since he completed his movie, Srimanthudu, has increased his philanthropy activities day by day. He and his wife, Namrata established Gramam Foundation and stated taking the villages under their wing. They take care of all the facilities in the village and the first one they took under their wing is Mahesh Babu's native village, Burripalem.

They have completed a bus stop in the village and several roads have been cleaned ever since they adopted it. Post the completion of the bus stop, Namrata Sirodhkar, Mahesh Babu's wife shared on her instagram the photo of the bus stop with the caption,

"One of the first completions from Gramam Foundation bus shelter in Burripalem!! Thankyou all for ur hard work and timely constructiion "
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Well, Mahesh's Spyder has released yesterday and the impact of SPYder might be there on the actor too. He is now looking to restart the shooting of his Bharat Ane Nenu movie with Siva Koratala, who gave him Srimanthudu, the inspiration behind his philanthropy activities.

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