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Wednesday 22 August, 2018, 3:43 am

Mahesh Gives Bonus to Telugu Audience

Mahesh Gives Bonus to Telugu Audience
Ahead of the pre-release event of his upcoming film ‘Spyder’, Superstar Mahesh Babu has given a solid surprise to Telugu audience.

It is known that the audio of Spyder was released on the 9th of September at an event held in Chennai. The album contains four songs. Mahesh has now released a bonus track, 5th song of the film. Interestingly, this song may feature in the Telugu version of the film only as the song’s Tamil version hasn’t been released yet.

Titled ‘Akkada Vunnavadu’, the song has the rustic voice of Geeta Madhuri. Lyrics penned by Ramajogayya Sasthry look tacky but some lines surely elevate the heroism of the protagonist. Harris Jayaraj looks to have aimed to give a massy song but he only partly succeeded.

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